Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BeeBay Bloom - Diaper Cakes!

Recently my cousin set up this blog shop which I find very intriguing and unique. As far as I can see, her idea is original and perhaps if I dare to say, the first of its kind in Malaysia!

So everyone is always giving birth and we're all always attending their full moon parties, or giving babies gifts when they are just born.

We know what the parents need more than money as gifts, are diapers, or infant formula.

Clothes are an ok gift, but not so feasible as babies grow at such a fast speed that they outwear their clothes in NO TIME!

So my cousin of course thought of the most logical gift to give to the parents of the babies - DIAPERS.

In these modern times, babies need to be wearing pampers, unless if you're a stay at home mum who LOVES washing soiled diapers. Diapers are convenient, essential and PRACTICAL!!!!!!!!

Of course just buying Mamypoko or Pampers is UGLY and PLAIN as a freaking gift, She is the first to come up with DIAPER CAKES! CHECK it out!!!! :)

See so cute? Not only you can use the diapers, it is also pleasing to the eyes and is very aesthetic in nature! It does not have to be cows, she can custom make it to your heart's desires. (the baby's were born in the year of cows, hence she gave them cow plushies as centrepiece!)

The price range varies on brand of diapers, toys and ribbons. Customers are to pay for their own courier charges and it can be sent all over Malaysia!!!!!!!!!

Read this about BeeBay Bloom!

Love Things Sweet, Love Things Beautiful, Love to personally make it for you.
If you looking for a perfect gift for New Born Baby. This would be the most Sweetest Gift You could ever give.

Started in a Humble Home of Penang Island, creating perfect gifts for New Born or Baby Gifts called Diaper Cake.
It is custom made to order, where all creation will be unique and sweet. It is practical and useful gift which every New Mother would love to receive.

If you need us to deliver to the person directly with a Message from you can be arrange for Penang Island only.

Rest assured these diaper cakes are one of its kind! Unique, Original, Pretty, Cute and Practical!

If you didn't buy it from BeeBay Bloom, You didn't buy it right!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Review by Shopping Wish List

I have been reviewd by Shopping Wish List!

Wah bergembira kuat kuat lor! (Flaunting my failed BM).

Thank you babe!!!!!

hehehe :)

ps: that model isn't me!