Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How? Why? When? Who? What?

Hello people, I know you have alot of questions to ask me. Be patient! And I will try to sort them out one by one ok! :)
Q: How do I place an order?
A: Simply place an order by emailing my email address at the.vintage.vanity@gmail.com
providing me the name/code of the product.

Q: What other information do I need to provide?
A: For my convenience, PLEASE provide us your full name, address, phone no. & email address.

Q: What are the payment methods?
A: Currently, I am accepting bank transfers/ bank-in to my CIMB BANK account (please email me for more details). I am currently NOT providing any Cash On Delivery service due to my stupid stupid workload and how crazy far I am from you (I am in JB lah!)!

Q: What is the next step?
A: Then simply send us the confirmation code of payment made.

Q: When will the items be send out?
A: Once payment is confirmed, I will send out the items within 2 -3 days.

Q: How do I know if the items have been sent out?
A: I will provide you a tracking no. via email. So sit back and wait for your mail thru the post.

Q: How do I know if the item is still available?
A: If the item is marked sold, it's sold out. I only have one item of each! I have many more exciting pieces to come. So sit tight and watch my space ok?

Q: Can I put the item on reserve?
A: Yes, I can put the item on hold for you for max 3 days. You will have to make the payment within 3 days. If payment has not been made, I reserve the rights to release the held items to another interested buyer without prior notice. So be sure to quickly make the payment before the item is snatched away!!

Q: Does the clothes come with the accessories (belt,chain, necklace etc)?
A: The clothes does NOT come with any accessories unless stated otherwise. Accessories are priced individually :)

Q: How do I know if The Vintage Vanity has updated?
A: Simple, by simply dropping me a mail, you will be added in our mailing list and will be the 1st to know about our updates.

Q: Can I collect the items personally?
A: Yes, that is only if you live in JB!

Q: Are the prices of the items inclusive of the sending charges (Poslaju)?
A: No. The prices are exclusive of the Poslaju Charges.

Q: If I buy more will the posting charges be cheaper?
A: Yes, I will personally subsidise 20% of the posting charges for 5 items bought or more! :)

Q: Can I refund or return or exchange the items that I have bought?
A: Unfortunately, no. However, I will scrutinise and check my item for ANY defects before posting it up and I will personally double check it again before sending the items to you! There will be instances that you have picked the wrong item to buy, so please choose and LOOK carefully and TYPE carefully which one you want ok? :)

Q: I want to give it as a gift to a friend, do you do gift wrapping?
A: Yes, the gift wrapping is free! :)

Q: What if I still regret the items I bought?
A: Boh pian lor. You will just have to open a blog shop and sell all the things that you've bought and would never use! Just like me! HAhahahaha!

Q: Are you broke enough to sell all your things?
A: *sigh* yes I am. Out with the old, in with the new!

Q: Will the items bought be clean?
A: Rest assured, I have no skin diseases (!!!) that will spread through contact in clothes. I am clean and healthy ok!!!!! I will also get the items washed properly before sending it out.

Q: Are there discounts to be given?
A: Already price so low, still want discount is it!??!!??! heeee :) Of course there will be a discount of 10% for items 5 or more! 20% for 10 items! Good or what? :)
Hopefully all the information helps you and guides you thru the whole e-shopping experience, and if you have any other questions, kindly email me at the.vintage.vanity@gmail.com!
Have fun! :)

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